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AirPett News!

This section contains news about this website and everything new on it.

This site should now work better on mobile devices. We have made a new responsive design for the website. The members intranet has been updated and ma [...]

16.02.2015  -  Read more

We have added a few very helpful little exe tools to our C# section for download. You'll find them at OR under C#/exe from [...]

13.09.2014  -  Read more

There is a new project blog coming up this fall! It will be about building an rc-robot out of a 160cc lawn mower engine. In the first part it will bec [...]

11.08.2014  -  Read more

The Heartbleed-bug has been fixed.

11.04.2014  -  Read article

The problem with the Contact-section has now been fixed.

11.04.2014  -  Read article

The Contact-section of the AirPett site has been closed temporarily because of abuse and spam use. We are working hard to make the system more safe an [...]

25.03.2014  -  Read more

There is now a schematic in the electronics-section of this site, finally! Please check it out!

22.09.2013  -  Read article

Please see the "Other Publics"-section for useful Windows batch scripts and silent installers. Also drivers for couple HP printers exist.

16.06.2013  -  Read article

The Contact Us section is open again. I've fixed the programming errors. Please note, that the verification email of submitted support tickets can sti [...]

14.05.2013  -  Read more

We are sorry, that the Contact Us section is closed at the time. We had to close it because of some programming errors. We will open it in a week. Unt [...]

13.05.2013  -  Read more

Please note, that the verification of submitted support tickets can go in the "junk"-folder of your email, so check your "junk"-folder and if you want [...]

09.05.2013  -  Read more

There is a known bug in the Contact Us section. It will say: "Please fill all required fields and try again!", even if you haven't tried to fill any o [...]

09.05.2013  -  Read more

If you have any problems using this site or you want to give us tips/ideas to make this site better, plese click the Contact Us-link in the menu.

26.04.2013  -  Read article

I'm gonna to add something into the projects, electronics and modelrailway sections of this site.

26.04.2013  -  Read article